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The well-being massage associates different progressive techniques such as skimming or light sliding pressure (active on cutaneous tissue), deep sliding pressure (circular action), kneading (active on muscular tissue) or palpating and rolling massages. This type of kneading relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

This overall (from head to foot) oil massage helps you to evacuate toxins as well as to reload your body with positive energy. The masseur presses the junctions of the lymphatic and venous systems in order to balance their flow. The body totally relaxes under the therapist's fingers.

Thanks to this personalized massage, the practitioner will:

  • restore muscle flexibility and elasticity

  • relax the muscles

  • relieve any tension he has detected

  • help slimming through circular and draining actions

  • calm osteo-articular pains and circulatory disturbances

  • reduce nervous tension...

The well-being massage is particularly appropriate to fight imbalances due to our way of life, and to relieve backache. It eliminates toxins, improves digestion and activates blood circulation.

Lastly, it is ideal for insomniacs! You will get up the day after feeling fully rested and relaxed and, above all, be surprised to breathe in deeply.

Visit at the practice, at home, on your boat or at your hotel...

Enjoy your massage !

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